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The Ultimate Guidebook on How To Repair Damaged Hair With These Unmissable Hair Care Hacks!

Dry, rough, and damaged hair giving you a tough time? Here's a great guide to some of the best damaged hair remedies you could conjure up at home!

If you clicked into this blog with the hopes of salvaging your dry and damaged locks, we are more than ready to help you through and through. Hair damage is quite the cause of concern for most people who get hair treatments done at least once a year. So if you’re regretting getting your hair permed or colored over the past year, don’t stress out too much because there are always some of the best solutions for damaged hair waiting right around the corner..or even right here in our blog!

A Tale of Thousand Damaged Roots: The Need for Damaged Hair Remedies

We millennials are always on the lookout to try and sport the next big hair trend. Be it Kim Kardashian’s sleek bob or Cara Delevigne’s stunning balayage, it’s never just a snippety-snip. Once our eyes are set on a hairstyle, we might get into chemical treatments as soon as the thought strikes. And, this, my love, is a recipe for disaster. We go into the salons without a care in the world and come out looking stunning. But lest we forget, this kinda takes the toll on your hair. From damaged cuticles to split ends, we start seeing quite a few changes in our hair, and this is where we start second-guessing and hunting for the desired damaged hair solution.

A crucial aspect of hair concerns that need to be talked about, damaged hair is a real pain in the neck (you know what word we were aiming for). When your hair is damaged, it doesn’t just appear dry and rough on the outside, it weakens the internal structure of your hair, causing it to become brittle, limp, weak, and immensely prone to hair fall. The treatments and heat that you apply on your hair through your salon visits can cause long-term problems, if not treated with the best damage hair solution.

But hey! Before you feel we might be emphasizing the merits of going au-naturale, let’s get one thing out of the way. Keratin, Smoothening, Color, Highlights, Perming, Relaxing and everything else that exists out there leaves our hair craving for some TLC! So, no matter what hairstyle and treatment you chose and how frequent you choose to get it done, we’re rooting for you (pun intended). Now that we’ve totally invested ourselves in the betterment of your hair, and if you truly want to save your hair from all that damage that has been caused, your perfect damaged hair solution awaits…

The Root of All Evil- Turning to the best damaged hair solution

Damaged hair solution

So, just to give you a subtle tiny baby reality check, hair damage is not just about hair fall or dry hair. It’s a much bigger issue. Hair damage can infiltrate right through your cuticles, and that’s bad news because your cuticles are as important as ‘The Wall’ between the Kingdom of the North and the realm of the wildlings. The moment this happens, half the hair damage battle is won by the bad guys. Once your cuticles are damaged, your hair ends up breaking, falling and looking as dull as a white walker. (Okay, enough with the Game of Thrones references). But as we mentioned, if you stand up on your toes and pay attention at the right time, there’s nothing but the best solution for damaged hair to help you out here!

So, to truly keep tabs on how damaged your hair is, before getting into a damaged hair solution that suits you, here’s why you may be slightly at fault for your own sorry hair state.

  • Excessive Heat: Repeat after us, “Heat is bad.” Be it a straightening iron or a curling rod, heat never did anybody’s hair any good. One of the most evident causes of hair damage is the excessive use of heat.

True Story: High or excessive heat can permanently break the S-S or disulfide bonds within hair strands that give hair its strength along with all them protein cross-links.

  • Chemical Hair Treatments: When you go in for a semi-permanent hair treatment like Keratin, Smoothening, Rebonding, or even a Brazilian Blowout, chemicals aren’t just used on the outside of your hair, they go all the way in. Chemical treatments don’t just leave your hair looking dry and brittle, they can dissolve the protective layer on hair strands, resulting in damaging the cuticles. Damaged and stripped cuticles are then unable to retain moisture, hence the dry hair.

  • Delayed Hair Wash: GET.UP.AND.WASH.YOUR.HAIR. Like, seriously. If you think you can get away with washing your hair once in two weeks, you might just be asking for some good old hair damage. Even if you don’t wash your hair every other day, go for the bare minimum of once or twice a week. Distant washing routines can lead to a buildup of dead cells, product residue, oil, and bacteria, ergo- dry, rough, and damaged hair.

  • UV Exposure: Yes, too much exposure to the sun can be a bad thing. If you are out in the sun for longer periods of time, the UVA and UVB rays can damage the cuticle and cause discoloration, dryness, brittle strands, broken or split ends, thinning, and frizziness, thus leaving you pining for a damaged hair solution.

  • Suffocating Hairstyles: Good hair ties and good hairstyle, both matter when it comes to giving you the best damaged hair solution. If you keep tying your hair up tight, it might end up stressing your roots.

Now that you know what causes damaged hair, it pays to know what kind of effects it can have if you don’t choose a damaged hair solution soon enough. To give you a brief overview of what damage does to your hair, here’s a look at what happens.

  • Weakened or torn cuticles can cause your hair to break right from the middle, leaving it limp and weak.

  • Damage to the roots can strip your hair off of its moisture and nutrients, hence resulting in dry, frizzy hair, right from the roots.

  • Since damage leaves no scope for that layer of protection, your hair ends up losing its shine and moisture, leaving it rough and dry.

  • Hair damage gives way to instant and voluminous hair loss. You might find yourself loosing epic proportions of your hair without even tugging at it.

  • When the nutrients deplete, your hair loses its color. Yes, damaged hair also causes premature greying, leaving you desperate in the hopes of damaged hair remedies that can get you out of this seemingly endless nightmare.

Before you push yourself into a downward spiral resulting in nothing but stress, let us help you with a ray, nay, a rainbow of hope! Even though you might be experiencing signs of damaged hair, there are always some of the best damaged hair solutions that can help you out! So, keep reading cause we just have the right ones for you!

Goodbye Damage, Hello Healthy Locks: The best damaged hair solutions that promise better days!

damage hair guide

As cheesy as the headline might sound, you’re going to love the kind of damaged hair solutions you’re going to find under it. So now that you’ve addressed the problem and are all set to put an end to it, here is our league of some of the best damaged hair remedies you need, to put an end to your hairpocalypse. (See what we did there?)

  1. O-live it Up!: Replenish the moisture with this amazing damaged hair solution using just 3 to 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Warm up some olive oil in a bowl until it is just the right, bearable temperature. Don’t let it heat up too much. Once you’re done, rub it into your hair and massage for a good 10-15 minutes. Cover your tresses with a plastic bag or shower cap, then wrap everything in a hot towel. Leave this on for around an hour and rinse it all off with Ravel’s natural and custom made shampoo that adds an extra layer of damaged hair solution on your hair!

  2. Make a DIY Apple Cider Mask: Dull, lifeless hair no more. Combine 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar with 2 tablespoons olive oil and 3 egg whites, then rub the mix into your hair. Keep your hair covered for about a half an hour using a plastic wrap or a shower cap, then shampoo and rinse. To further incorporate the wondrous damaged hair solutions that apple cider vinegar offers, choose your hair goals with Ravel and let us help you with the most natural ingredients, packed in your very own, custom range of hair care products.

  3. Dry Natural: One of the best damaged hair solutions is to skip the blow-dry and heat routine after every wash. Make sure you towel dry your hair and let it take its own, sweet, rewarding time. Once your hair is on the drier side, take a few drops of Ravel’s custom hair serum for an extra layer of protection and nutrition.

  4. Ditch the chemicals: Try limiting your exposure to constant chemical treatments. To harbor, a long-term damaged hair solution, opt for your straightening, smoothening, rebonding, perming, keratin, or relaxing treatments just once a year, or once in six months at the most. Remember the thumb rule of doing one chemical treatment at a time, that is, if you have gotten your hair colored just a few months back, don’t pair it with any other treatment. This will prevent you from concocting your very own hair damage cocktail.

  5. Go Natural: If you feel the need to get into an endless cycle of chemical treatments, try sporting your natural look by taking care of it the right way. Be it curls, waves, or poker-straight hair, choose your hair goals as we deliver them to you in our custom-made hair care bottles! The best damaged hair solution is to keep chemicals and sulfates away, even with your shampoos, conditioners, oils, and serums!

  6. Try a humidifier: If you’ve heard about the humidifier trick for your hair, it is definitely a promising damaged hair solution. Since the air inside your living or office space might end up being dry, especially in the winters, it leaves your hair looking rough and damaged. Using a humidifier in your room at night can help you put the moisture back into the air, hence helping out with the moisture in your hair!

  7. What are Tees for? Body towels are almost always problematic for your hair. The easiest damaged hair solution, in this case, is to ditch your body towel and go for a soft, old tee when it comes to drying your hair. Your hair tends to be really weak when it’s wet, hence resulting in considerable hair fall when you tug at it with a rough towel. To further help with the frizz and the hair fall, another damaged hair solution is to resort to using a great serum that you can leave into your hair when they are semi-wet! And if you’re wondering what might suit you best- the answer is Ravel!

  8. Let em’ breathe: Constantly keeping your hair tied is a bad idea. If you prefer tying up your hair in a ponytail, bun, or braid, make sure you give it a rest for some time during the day. Letting your hair breathe is one of the best damaged hair solutions! If you can’t leave the house with your hair open, don’t fret, sleep with your hair unclamped, untied and freed!

  9. Eat Your Way To Gorgeous Hair: No matter the damaged hair solution you’re trying out, eating right is key. Make sure you are getting a good intake of Omega 3, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C to ensure that your hair is healthy on the inside, as much as they are beautiful on the outside. Try consulting your doctor for some supplements, but hey, natural is what we love, here at Ravel!

  10. Brush Right: Don’t avoid brushing, and don’t overdo it. Brush your hair gently at least once or twice a day, starting from the bottom and working your way towards the top. Once you are done applying Ravel’s custom, chemical-free conditioner, turn your brush across your hair gently, so as to spread the conditioner evenly!

You’re A Lot Closer To The Damaged Hair Solution of Your Dreams!

guide for damage hair

Ever wondered about the catastrophic outcomes of inflicting damage with more damage? Confused as you might be, here’s what we mean. Once you figure out that your hair is utterly damaged, the worst thing you could possibly do is add more chemicals via commercial shampoos and conditioners. The harsh parabens and sulfates in these products may claim an effective damaged hair solution, but take some time to ponder upon this fact.

If you truly need to rid your hair of all the terrible damage, and if you need a damaged hair remedy that really works, you need to take the natural route…. Or better yet- the natural, customized route! At Ravel, we source only the best and most vital ingredients on the basis of your hair type, your hair problems, and your hair growth. Our Shampoos, Conditioners, Serums, and oils are only created once we understand your hair concerns and your prospective hair goals! Completely transparent in our approach, all that we do is care for your hair, providing it with the best damaged hair solution. Our custom shampoos and conditioners will help you breathe life and moisture back into your wonderful hair, whilst locking in all the moisture it needs to sustain!

The unbeatable benefits of our custom products include:

Custom curation: Be it damaged hair solutions or hair fall solutions, our products are solely targeted at solving YOUR hair problems. We kinda take immense pride in lauding ourselves as hair genies who grant all of your hair wishes with our natural concoctions. No one understands your hair better than we do!

The first step towards getting your own Ravel products is where you let us in on all your hair and lifestyle deets for us to craft the most suitable blend of ingredients for you! What more could your hair ask for, right?!

Science-backed Goodness: Our team of scientists is always on top of the newest discoveries and research when it comes to hair care. Rest assured, your formulas are always up-to-date with the best and most effective hair care ingredients.

Impeccable quality: At Ravel, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. This means working with suppliers that share our core values and ensuring comprehensive in-house testing.

Natural Ingredients: No matter how many times we might have used the word ‘Chemicals’ in this blog, we did it with a sheer disgust for the word. If there’s anything we hate at Ravel, it’s chemicals. Completely clean in our approach, our products do not contain even the tiniest speck of Sulphates, parabens, Gmo, the works. All of our ingredients are proudly showcased in our Ingredient list and shown to you as soon as you complete our customization quiz! There’s absolutely no secrecy here!

Our naturally sourced ingredients are carefully researched and ethically incorporated into your products. Some of our all-star ingredients include Almond oil, basil root extract, Crambe Oil, Ginseng extracts, Horsetail extract, Jojoba Oil, Lotus Extract, Olive oil, quinoa extract, and a lot more!

Work Your Way Through the Best Damaged Hair Solutions

custom hair products

Now that we’ve let you in on all secrets and introduced you to the goodness of our clean hair care products, there are no two ways about it. For the best damaged hair solutions, here are the optimal ways on how to use your customized Ravel products as soon as you get your hands on them.

Your Custom Ravel Damaged Hair Care Range: Once you give your hair formula quiz and select your preferred fragrances and color, get ready for a journey that gives you the best damaged hair solution, right at home! As soon as you get your Ravel shampoo and conditioner, make sure you wash your hair with it at least twice a week. For a full-proof damaged hair solution, make sure you oil your hair at least once a week, 2 hours before your next wash. Instead of going through a million different hair oil blends, make sure you grab your customized Ravel hair oil that harbors the potent to provide the best damaged hair solution! To go the extra mile in choosing a damaged hair remedy that seals the deal, apply your personalized Ravel serum on semi-dry hair to lock in all the nutrition and moisture. Once the ingredients we use work their magic on your hair, do give us your valuable feedback, cause we’d love to hear from you!

There you have it, an in-depth manual that gives you all the little deets on combating those dry and damaged locks, once and for all! So, don’t fret the next time you find your hair getting dry and rough, we’re here to help you with the best damaged hair solutions!