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Eat your way to healthier hair

Healthy, lustrous, gorgeous hair may everyone's dream and that doesn't matter if you're a woman or man. Hair is significant for one's beauty and that is quite true. We use a lot of hair care products and apply a lot of things to keep the hair in good state but the diet is equally important, what we eat shows up on face and hair. Foods that are rich in proteins and omega 3 fatty acids are remarkably good for the hair. When you eat a balanced diet for healthy hair that has a good amount of proteins with minerals and vitamins, it is bound to give you great hair so, which foods are good for the hair. Let's see some great and beneficial foods for healthy hair.

Vegetarian Foods:

  • Walnuts:

Walnuts are amongst the nuts which have high amounts of the Omega 3 fatty acids which keeps the scalp healthy. Walnuts are also very rich in vitamin E and biotin. Biotin is crucial for the synthesis and working for the coenzymes that regulate hair growth.

  • Spinach:

Spinach is highly popular as one of the best sources of iron for vegetarian which is asked by the doctors to include in your diet for healthy eyes and skin also. Spinach is rich in Vitamin C, folate and beta carotene as well. Spinach can be taken raw or cooked as in salads or clubbed with other vegetables or even as spinach soups. Iron is essential in hair growth.

  • Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of beta carotene which is also found in carrots as well. Beta carotene is important for the synthesis of Vitamin A and we cannot stress enough how important is vitamin A is. It is also vital in the formation of new hair strands this is why sweet potatoes are an amazing food item that vegetarians can have for healthy hair and preventing hair problems.

Non-Vegetarian Foods:

  • Eggs:

You may have heard egg hair pack for shinier hair but eggs have lots of proteins which make them highly beneficial. They are enriched with selenium, zinc, iron, sulphur, copper. Iron is important for the red blood cells synthesis and carrying the oxygen o the tissues and the hair follicles.

  • Salmon:

Salmon is rich in proteins and omega 3 fatty acids along with vitamin D. This fish is a great source of protein for the fish eater.

With all the great vitamins and minerals that these food items have, we are sure that the next time you will definitely think about including them in your diet for healthy hair that shines from within and is stronger.