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How Customised Hair Products Can Work For You

If you’re totally into hair care, you might already have an idea about customised hair products. Numerous hair care brands across the globe have stepped into the world of customised hair care, knowing full well that it has changed the way we choose what's actually good for our hair.

Essentially a genre of hair care that stands on the concept of every hair type being unique, this trend can harbour the capacity to target personal hair problems, while keeping your hair health in perfect condition. A revolutionary hair care system, customised hair products have already cooked up a storm among a plethora of conscious men and women across the world!

If you’re still quite new to the whole hype of buying customised hair products, here’s a thorough ‘Know-how’ on what customised hair care products are, and what benefits they have in store for you!

Customised Hair Care 101!

First things first, what are customised hair care products and how does this work? Well, your hair type is as special as you. Individual hair types demand individually curated care, and that sets the premise for any customised hair product to work its magic on you.

Essentially, no two hair types are the same, and no two hair problems are similar either. This makes Over-The-Counter and commercial products technically redundant if you want to target certain particular issues you’re facing with your hair. In such a scenario, what suits best is a customised formula that knows what issues you have and how to overcome them the best way. Following a deep understanding of your individualistic hair needs, customised hair care brands come up with magical customised hair products that help your hair slay!

The process of getting yourself your very own customised hair care products is really simple. All you need to do is take a short quiz and answer a few questions that highlight your hair texture, hair problems and hair goals. Once these responses are generated, the perfect combinations of natural ingredients are chosen, and voila- a brilliant concoction of customised hair care is brought to life.

Hair care experts are thorough when it comes to curating your customised hair products before they reach you. What’s more is that, you can further customise these products by picking out the colour and natural fragrance that you prefer, in the packaging of your choice. This is how customised hair care products are personalised for you right from the beginning to the very end!

So, now that we know how this works, and how customised hair products are produced as per your hair type, let’s dive into why you should alter your beauty preferences in order to incorporate the use of these smashing customised hair care products!

What’s in it for you?

If you’ve come across ads or bloggers promoting customised hair products a lot these days, it is largely because we have learnt to become a lot more conscious about what we put into our body. It is extremely essential to know what you’re working with and how it might affect you. So before you make a calculated move at grabbing your own customised hair care products, here’s a list of benefits that it can offer you!

1. Personal Care Above All:

personal care

If your aesthetic is different, if your skin routine is different, if your diet is different, why does your hair care have to be the same. Gone are the days when we were restricted to choosing hair care products at the medical store. If the only two categorizations of hair care products like shampoos and conditioners are ‘Dry and Damaged’ and ‘Oily Hair’, how can we ever target a spate of other hair problems we already have? (Don’t even get us started on the ‘Combination Scalp’ front.)

Sometimes, generic products do more harm than good for your hair and scalp health. This is where customised hair care comes into play. Your hair problems and your hair textures cannot be broadly categorised into the limitations of two or three subtypes. There are so many elements to your hair that are worth representation, and the only way to get there is via customised hair care.

Customised hair care doesn’t just consider your personal hair problems, but also takes into consideration the kind of hair goals you are expecting. Has any other mainstream hair care product ever asked you that?

Well, this is how personal it gets.

2. No Toxins Here:

custom products with no toxins

Ever got a sneak-peek of the kind of ingredients listed on commercial shampoos. Or wait, have you read them but never really got into learning about them. News Flash! Commercial shampoos and conditioners are loaded with umpteen harmful chemicals and toxins that can wreck your hair health for life.

This might sound extremely harsh, but it is, in fact, the reality of it all.

OTC or commercial shampoos by mainstream brands are known to contain harsh chemicals including Sulphates, Parabens, Ammonia, Formaldehyde, synthetic fragrances, Polyethylene Glycols and a list of other substances that are potentially damaging to not just your hair, but your overall health and wellbeing.

No matter how much you try to stay away from these toxins, they are more or less present in each commercial or professional hair care product you see.

This is what makes customised hair care seem like a total upgrade. Owing to its nature of being a part of the ‘Clean Beauty’ notion, customised hair products are free from all toxic ingredients, and are ethically created and produced. Customised hair care products focus on using naturally sourced ingredients that are pure, clean and do no harm to your scalp.

This is precisely why customised hair care products have zero damaging effects and work wonders to provide nutrition to your scalp and hair!

3. The Devil is in the Detail:

Like other mainstream hair care products, customised hair products don’t just scratch the surface. They dig in deeper to find out what your hair problems are, what your hair goals are, how your hair texture and lifestyles are, and what will suit you best!

Be it curly, wavy, coloured, damaged or even chemically treated, customised hair products are made after an extensive amount of information is gathered and a well-researched set of ingredients are chosen to work towards the care for your hair!

Each and every step of producing customised hair products involve the minutest details about your lifestyle, your hair and its texture, which are all asked with the aid of a short quiz that you’re required to fill in before you order the product.

This helps the makers choose the right combinations to put into your customised hair care products, for the most effective therapy for your hair!

What’s even cooler is that, once you’re done filling out all the answers about your hair and lifestyle, some customised hair care products also come with the option of choosing your own fragrance and color, adding the perfect personal touch to your product, while remaining completely natural!

4. Your Preferences Matter:

preferences for customised hair products

If at all you have a certain allergy, or you would rather give a hard pass on the usage of certain products, customised hair care is what you need! Customised hair care products are all about listening to your hair care preferences and complying to what you are comfortable with. Customised hair care always stands true to the fact that you matter the most, and your preferences are kept above all. We work around your preferences, in order to create a product that is the best for you, and your gorgeous hair!

5. Nothing To Hide:

transparency in custom hair products

It is okay to have a few reservations about the kind of beauty regimen you are stepping into. Luckily, customised hair products can help you ease your worries by a mile, because there are no secret ingredients or unethical practices involved. Ergo: there’s nothing to hide!

Once you make up your mind about a particular customised hair product that you’d want to incorporate into your hair care routine, all you need to do is view the entire ingredient list before you hit the ‘Order’ tab!

With zero harsh chemicals and no despicable ingredients to use, the entire naturally sourced set of ingredients are proudly visible for each patron to feast their eyes upon.

This is the magic of customised hair care products. Customised hair care uses the best, most natural ingredients there are, so that you can have a look and understand what each benefit has to offer. This would never have been possible in the case of store bought shampoos and conditioners, who barely disclose what ingredients are encapsulated within.

So the next time you check out customised hair products that you like, make sure you browse through the wonderful list of ingredients for a moment of reassurance!

These and many more such benefits are what customised hair products stand for! If you love your hair, and wouldn't want to damage them any further, ditch the truck load of chemicals and step into the rewarding world of customised hair care! So go ahead and choose the best care for your hair pronto!