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Custom formulas for your unique hair

Typical haircare is made for ‘hair types’, huge categories that lump millions of people together. Prose is made for an audience of 1: you. Each product is customized to give you multiple benefits, so you get better results with fewer products.

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A process designed with you in mind.

When you take our consultation, you give us a complete view of everything that could have an impact on your hair and scalp needs.

Our experts then processes your answers and uses over 150 factors to determine the unique blend of ingredients needed to treat your concerns, goals and preferences.

The result is a freshly-bottled formula that’s just one of over 50 billion possible outcomes.

Get your formula

A Formula that changes with you

We believe that beauty must first and foremost be nurturing. This is why, we at Ravel come up with products that are sustainable and beneficial to not just your body, but also to the environment. We are strong crusaders of clean beauty, and with a league of ever-evolving and restless beauty professionals on board, we keep innovating newer, more beneficial products based on your needs and your valuable feedback.

We are always innovating

Ravel is the result of almost 18 months of research. We combined advanced data sciences and technology with state in class production methods to create something we’re really proud of. Our team of scientists went on a quest to source the finest natural and clean ingredients from all across the world that meets our quality standards. Our research is continuous so as to update any new and innovative ingredients that are available.