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Handmade Formulas as per your needs.
100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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How Ravel Works

  • Take your online



    Tell us about your hair type, texture and preferences, your scalp, and all of your hair goals.
  • Get your custom



    We’ll formulate your set of unique & personalized products to achieve your best hair
  • Review and iterate


    Share feedback, track improvements our experts will provide ongoing support.

How We Compare

Ravel Custom Formulas Generic Brands DIY Remedies
Non-ToxicAre the ingreidnets used in the product completely safe and free of all toxins? Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - No Checkmark - Yes
Result OrientedDoes the product guarantee results or is it just another trial and error? Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - No Checkmark - No
Uniquely madeAre the products fresh made to order as per your requirements? Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - No Checkmark - No
Offers GuaranteeDoes the brand offer any solution incase the product does not work as per claims? Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - No Checkmark - No
Premium IngredientsAre the best and highest quality ingredients used? Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - No

Get the results you want
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18,200+ 5-star Ravel
product reviews

“I used to experiment hundreds of hair products and my hair was always hard to manage, now with Ravel my hair is healthy and full of volume.”

Sajitha D. Wavy Hair [Type 2]

“I ordered my custom formulas 2 months ago. I just have to say it Absolutely the Best Shampoo and conditioner ever!!! it's even better then the most expensive brands I've tried.!”

Rhea C. Curly Hair [Type 3]

“Ravel has helped me highly to balance my scalp health. I had dry, flaky and itchy scalp. It’s almost 100% better now.“

Shannon A. Straight Hair [Type 1]

“My hair feels just amazing, and its finally so moisturised and frizz free! Products from Ravel have really nourished my hair!”

Aradhya D. Curly Hair [Type 3]

“I had a name "concrete hair" but after using the products from Ravel my hair feels super soft even after 7 days! My curls loved Ravel”

Maumeeta D. Straight Hair [Type 1]

Customize every product in your routine

Custom Shampoo & Conditioner

Custom Scalp Mask

Custom Hair Serum

Custom Hair Oil

1.Custom formulas for your unique hair

1. Custom formulas for your unique hair

A 'one-size-fits-all' convention isn't what you need for your hair. At Ravel, your unique formula is concocted using only the best ingredients that you can’t get off the shelf. Each product is customized to give you multiple benefits, so you get better results with fewer products.

2. In‑depth online consultation

2. In‑depth online consultation

With questions around your hair type, requirements, preference, and even lifestyle, Ravel analyzes over 75 factors to identify what your hair needs. No other product can know you better.

3. Made fresh to order in Mumbai

3. Made fresh to order in Brooklyn

With Ravel’s custom model, your products aren’t made in bulk and put in a warehouse. Every product is created after you order it—each one contains a formula so unique, it even has your name on it.

4.Natural, clean, proven ingredients

4. Natural, clean, proven ingredients

No sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes or any other toxins used. Ravel uses only clean, safe ingredients that naturally repair hair with every wash. Rest assured, your formulas are always up-to-date with the best and most effective hair care ingredients.

5. Results you love, guaranteed

5. Results you love, guaranteed

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and truly personal customer service, so if you don’t love your hair, email us and we’ll send you new formulas made for you free of charge.