Codify Infotech Moneyback Guarantee – Ravel
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Refunds per the money back guarantee can only be requested between the following days (otherwise known as “the refund period”) for these products:

  • Custom Haircare purchased through Ravel between 30 and 45 days
  • Custom Bodycare purchased through Ravel between 30 and 45 days

You are eligible for a full refund of the prescription product if the following terms and conditions are satisfied:

  1. You used the custom prescription product consistently as directed by your provider leading up to the refund period*
  2. You'll be required to courier the package back to our office for our evaluation.
  3. You submitted a refund request to the email below along with your order number any time within the refund period after your shipment was delivered for products purchased through Ravel, email:
  4. Refunds are only applicable for Shampoo, Conditioner, Bodywash & Bodylotion. Custom Serum, Oil & Mask are leave on products and cannot cause any damage. Hence they do not qualify for the moneyback guarantee.

Refund requests will not be accepted outside of the refund period. Refunds will be made to the payment method you used to make the original purchase. You will be required to courier the products to our office on your own. Limit one refund per customer per eligible product. Returning customers who sign up through Ravel platform again are not eligible for a refund. Additional items from your order are not eligible for a refund.

We reserve the right to forfeit the guarantee if we suspect any abuse of our money back guarantee offer.

Last updated on: 10th August 2022